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LOL! Seems Like It Was Intentional Ha!~





















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We Can Laugh About It Now! Tee-Hee!

13 3d50004d6619b5a25e7a5dd8f6c731a4Source: 1funny
12 8173faad5858c0d8a5928a971324c7d3Source:  mashable
11 4e0423b0b31cacd73c53ec27a0a50eabSource: fanpop
10 386b16e89753068091ef88f49b257d40Source: senorgif


9 4cb03acac2cd66eece0148d2e644035fSource: gifrific
8 9f0647f3706193eac7daade04f4ad706Source: funnyjunk
7 082d2e73b5d7da2f89e16ecbf873701aSource: thechive
6 6d0ef41516b7624c7aa8971b3b51f747Source: imgur
5 7f63e887fbd28e5d3b4ed60b185c7ad1Source: graphics99
4 000e3cd726445d86aeee7e7ae4d3604fSource: wifflegif
3 67f239219d55524a3770b1f078cca220Source: dumpaday
2 4a20c0773b73752b810536a112adb16aSource: rebloggy
1 3cad3b9e227650f2eb5da8e8b36cd33fSource: hotboxthanfukk

Despite the fact that they are simply just
a few frames each, these Gifs are
most mesmerizing to watch.

18 37ecadc46c6c3c68693fa12ecdf4a4e6Source: fireballx777
17 517b1182dd793966d4706f68154b9b9c43Source:anditsonfire
16 4154f034e5c6b8deae33496791b6cafcSource: via
15 b190877c835e03418c2a2d7862e2d3302Source: broken_shins
14 cae19befb6f51c02a4b53626a245eb3eSource: zants
13 de81a5d9871095e05cc4d74c70648f10Source: anditsonfire
12 aa10cf92afad1f1e999d97b0dbcfeb07Source: anditsonfire
11 baa03342366cb903d5c4d91247fbaa0eSource: greengolfballs
10 ff893825e7314bf264fdda6292906d81Source: perturbing_panda
9 50247c1b19a72c5b9246f6a9867af5adSource: anditsonfire
8 94e5abca07d3cd2e41c2308231ca06ceSource: perturbing_panda
7 d979bfdc0a9c65a0567163a28c4b75d7Source: DocPop
6 daf0aeb4c02ab9069046886741511c4cSource: zants
5 fb970b559cca626ed6c6fd3eef201fc1Source: amazetheking
4 fab3763828ca4e788f54b8377b3fbed9Source: kotnik
3 fab3763828ca4e788f54b8377b3fbed9Source: J.A. Smith
2 daba3236afc022d4882a7ffed45c0df0Source: fl0p
1 66bf36411a52bd356159aaf7017e6371 1Source: Ignacio Torres



These are so UGLY LMAO!!

14 5fd72bc05fb7d7aab77a83a7feb7e448Photo Credit: acidcow
13 e9427a64979a6b023ca3d01050eaa0f1Photo Credit:  firebox
12 61fa001ce1e77e5a91cbe036446c71a7Photo Credit: happyplace


11 e5f684f1cf7370d9551a10c976b8c24fPhoto Credit: betterthanpants
10 27798dc5909db586abd5b01fb6c177d1Photo Credit: imgdonkey


9 eaff1d02c502c912a8f7af67687d0929Photo Credit: deviantart


8 78a2c70014021eb66287682634d17aca0Photo Credit: mundolocker
7a b432999047060779759f0845ee531324Photo Credit: metro
7 b90f00d16f01913314af11b09667cc90Photo Credit: metro
5 0e0facd60218b95fa2106a8edaaa7b04Photo Credit: fishwrecked
4 78b21049d3e9b7254c0ffc5c2340d1ecPhoto Source: inspirefusion
3 175110bd7cebc6c69ccd2453a0d8ef08Photo Credit: evert.meulie
2 47c503aca5968b622daae75f1cef4c0aPhoto Credit: neatorama
1 2a6c903b02a58a8952ff5fda81e2c066Photo Credit: tosh.0


Sex Toys of Terror!
These Will Give You Nightmares! LOL

1. Dr. Macaura’s Pulsocon Blood Circulator (around 1880–1920)
1 enhanced-5320-1413993540-14

As per the Antique Vibrator Museum, this gadget had “a strong vibration and a sound like a ratchet.” Now that should get you “in the mood”.

2. The Detwiller Pneumatic Vibrator (1906)

2 enhanced-14796-1413996682-19


This looks more like turn-of-the-century dental gear than something intended for joy.

3. The Arnold Knead Vibrator (1909)
3 enhanced-26233-1414079086-27Vintage Vibrator Museum image courtesy of Babeland, LLC. © Constance&Eric, All Rights Reserved /

As indicated by the Vintage Vibrator Museum, famous writer Mark Twain possessed an Arnold; we’re still not persuaded.

4. The Infra-Red Hotness Massager
4 enhanced-31633-1414080800-6

“Scientifically designed small to reach the small crevices and contours of the face and body.” Infrared heat on your little fissure sounds like an awful thought.

5. The Polar Club Electric Vibrator (1928)
5 enhanced-29481-1413996968-5Via

It’s difficult to envision this electric vibrator being at all tranquil or tactful. How is it possible this would feel great?

6. The Rolling Pin Heat Massager (1932)
6 enhanced-16292-1413995722-7Via

A heated massage sounds great in principle, yet would you truly like to jab yourself with a hot moving rolling pin?

7. The Oster Stim-U-Lax for Barbers  (1948)
7 enhanced-3749-1414079778-1Vintage Vibrator Museum image courtesy of Babeland, LLC. © Constance&Eric, All Rights Reserved. /

This threatening strap-to-your-hand model had “forceful vibrations” and a “large, strong motor.”

8. The Stim-U-Lax Junior
8 enhanced-25165-1414081601-7Via

On the off chance that the first Stim-U-Remiss is a bit much for you, you could attempt the less intimidating model, which is… just as annoying.

9. The Vibrosage (1933)
9 enhanced-23096-1414081347-19Via

This little gentleman is somewhat lovable… until you take a gander at the spiked connection.

10. The Handy Hannah (1950)
10 enhanced-24604-1414083609-8Vintage Vibrator Museum image courtesy of Babeland, LLC. © All Rights Reserved. /

Unmistakably intended to make your labia grimace.

11. The Niagra Hand Unit (1965–1976)
11 enhanced-19978-1414082471-15Vintage Vibrator Museum image courtesy of Babeland, LLC. © Constance&Eric, All Rights Reserved. /

In the event that you were not sure, the pointed end goes UP. (Isn’t that uplifting news? The Niagra had the endorsement of Good Housekeeping Magazine.)

12. The Wahl Hand-E Vibrator (1957)
12 enhanced-19776-1414080618-11Vintage Vibrator Museum image courtesy of Babeland, LLC. © Constance&Eric, All Rights Reserved. /

While the Hand-E vibrator was the precursor to some advanced vibrators, it’s still a bit terrifying.

13. The Spot Reducer (1950s)
13 enhanced-25165-1414081503-1Via

LOL! It’s R2-D2! I don’t think I want MY SPOT REDUCED! … In the same way as other early vibrators work, the Spot Reducer asserted to help the user get more fit and lose weight. It likewise offered a vibrating rubber suction cup.

14. The Hollywood Vibra-Tone (1940s)
14 enhanced-10450-1414081932-3Via

An alternate model that guaranteed weight reduction (and bad dreams).

15. The Chic Electric Vibrator (1910)
15 enhanced-28023-1414083822-1Vintage Vibrator Museum image courtesy of Babeland, LLC. © All Rights Reserved. /

There’s literally nothing chic about this.

16. The Vibra-King Activator (1922)
16 enhanced-24530-1414082633-19Vintage Vibrator Museum image courtesy of Babeland, LLC. © Constance&Eric, All Rights Reserved. /

This looks… forceful.

17. The Prelude 3 (1976)
17 enhanced-12014-1414082417-17Vintage Vibrator Museum image courtesy of Babeland, LLC. © Constance&Eric, All Rights Reserved. /

We can’t get too energetic about a vibrator that has the color and general appearance of orthopedic shoes.

18. The Massage Master VII (1928)
18 enhanced-12014-1414082417-17Vintage Vibrator Museum image courtesy of Babeland, LLC. © Constance&Eric, All Rights Reserved. /

I’ll PASS…

19. The Eskimo 750 (1949)
19 enhanced-1560-1414082115-4Vintage Vibrator Museum image courtesy of Babeland, LLC. © Constance&Eric, All Rights Reserved. /

Don’t you yearn to get all cozy up at home with this on a chilly winter’s eve? *SCREAMS*

Most Awesome Easy To Make
Home Made
Meme Halloween Costumes
Sure To Be  A Hit!

18 ikea-monkeyPhoto Source:
17. Ikea Monkey

There’s not a day that passes by when I don’t ponder the Ikea Monkey. You only need a shearling-type coat (or a brown coat). Toss on ear muffs or make your own monkey ears out of construction paper and a headband. Haul around an Ikea pack and look completely lost.

16 ryan-gosling-wont-eat-his-cerealPhoto Credit:
16. Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal

This originates from sheer genius for the yearly HallowMeme party. It’s ideal for any couple or friends. One individual takes on the appearance of Ryan Gosling (print out a mask helps) and other person wears all dark and tries to feed him some cereal.

15 shibe-dog-costumePhoto Credit:
15. Wow Doge

Could we simply take a moment to acknowledge the shocking quality of this outfit? Print out a mask sized  picture of Doge. Write different expressions on a white sheet and wrap it over yourself. Wallah! Now you are Wow Doge!

14 first-world-problemPhoto Credit:
14. First World Problems

I can not stop laughing! On the off chance that you have brown hair, you already have part of the costume! If not, simply get yourself a brown wig. Print your choice first world issue and stroll around acting exceptionally irritated.

13 nigelPhoto Credit:
13. Smashing!

Nigel Thornberry is an incredible character to use for a Halloween costume, however you can bring about a noticeable improvement by being Nigel the Smashing meme! Dress your head up like Nigel with a red wig and mustache and dress your lower body like a Princess or whatever you think works!

12 deal-with-itPhoto Credit:
12. Deal With It

So straightforward, yet so powerful. Write “Deal With It” on a t-shirt bring sunglasses with you. Put them on and off through the day or night. And bring your best attitude!

11 soonPhoto Credit:
11. Soon

A creepy costume indeed, however its clever. Simply wear a shirt that says “SOON.” and gaze eerily at people.

10 inbread-catPhoto Credit:
10. Inbred Cat In Bread

Paint yourself into a cat with cosmetics or face paint, put on some cat ears and make a giant slice of bread out of a poster board. You’re now an inbred cat!

9 scumbagPhoto Credit:
9. Scumbag Steve

Who said Scumbag Steve must be a man? This Halloween costume is flawlessness. You will need a brown velour hoodie, brown tank top, brown flatbill cap and a golden chain. Stroll around with a big attitude.

8 philosoraptorPhoto Credit:
8. Philosoraptor

I’m fixated on this Philosoraptor outfit! You can either get a raptor mask from a costume suplier or simply print out a large Philosoraptor head and make yourself. Wear a toga and discuss philosophical stuff.

7 chemistry-catPhoto Credit:
7. Chemistry Cat

LOL! Chemistry Cat is an amusing meme and has some extraordinary pickup lines. You will require some feline ears or a cat hat like this, a red bow tie, glasses and a scientist’s jacket. Toss in a couple of plastic beakers or plastic test tubes to complete the outfit.

6 nyan-catPhoto Credit:
6. Nyan Cat

How charming is this?! This Nyan Cat costum is really kind of complicated, however you can make it simpler. Wear a pink dress with dark stockings and grey boots. Put on light black cat ears and attach a cloth or paper rainbow behind you!

5 grumpy-cat-costumePhoto Credit:
5. Grumpy Cat (Tard)

Grumpy Cat is my most loved Kitty. This ensemble is super simple and super cool. You should simply put on some Grumpy Cat makeup and wear a sign that says “No.” … or one of Grumpy’s other quotes.

4. ermahgerd

Photo Source:
4. Ermahgerd

Ha! I adore this ensemble to such an extent. Put your hair in pig tails and carry around with you a few Goosebumps books. You can wear whatever you need, yet in the event that you have sweater vest Really tops it off!

3 mckayla-not-impressedPhoto Credit:
3. Mckayla Is Not Impressed

This thought will never get old. This costume will require a grey coat, jogging pants, flowers and an award medal. Put your hair in a slicked back pony tail and try your hardest “not impressed” face.

2 business-catPhoto Credit:
2. Business Cat

Business Cat is super simple to do! You only need to wear a white button down shirt, tie, overcoat or vest and cat ears. Color or add some craft paper to a cardboard square that can rest behind your head. Stroll around with bug eyes and discuss business things like having to work late in light of the fact that you need to catch that red laser dot.

1 overly-attached-gfPhoto Credit:
1. Overly Attached Girlfriend

Time to get dreadful! Put on your best creepy smile, a green shirt and append a cardboard background to your back. You might want to print out expressions of your fave OAG phrase to step it up a notch!


👠 LADIES!  Look at These! WOW! 👠
Some of these are REALLY COOL!

1 Interesting-Shoes

WOW! You will be AMAZED! These are JAW DROPPING!

With more individuals getting to be perfectly capable at altering pictures with software programs such as Photoshop, it can be very tricky to tell whether what you see on the web is true or fake. While more often than not your doubt is presumably going to serve you well, now and then you may be in for a bit of a stun. These 25 pictures you won’t accept weren’t Photoshopped will likely do that.

Source: YouTube



LMAO! These are SO COOL and FUNNY! ❤

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Well, Some Say Street Smarts Are Best, But Nothing Beats Rural Smarts.
These Rednecks Have It All Going On! Ha!