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Parody to
John Lennon’s
Thanksgiving Dinner
Family Dysfunction

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I’m Packing
My Bags…
These Are
The Coolest
Places On Earth!

From a circus town in Florida to a Dwarf metropolis in China, we take you around the globe as we look at 10 of the most bizarre places to live on the planet.

Would you let us know in the comments which town you would like to live in?

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Angry Grandpa Ruins Thanksgiving LOL….

Damn! Give this guy a Quaalude!
Anyone Want Some Marshmallow Souffle?

LOL Watching this just released all my tension LMAO!

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Best Funny Banned Commercials of 2013

Oh… Come on..
Just run these commercials!

These are GREAT! LOL

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Cluck Cluck! Ha!

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She Really Knows
How To Pick A Winner As
Rosie O’Donnell

Eats A Booger
Live On The View

I am really sick from what I just witnessed here! As I was enjoying my morning coffee while viewing the women of “The View” discuss the “most embarrassing things they have done in the office, Rosie O’Donnell chose to step it up a notch from Nicolle Wallace’s breast feeding segment.

So what did O’Donnell do? She told the crowd that she has consumed boogers at work, however she doesn’t stop there. O’Donnell then picked her nose and ate it… right there on live television! Whoopi almost peed her pants!

Don’t trust me? Watch this disgusting video. Keep in mind to have your barf bags nearby!

While you can’t generally judge others for their individual dietary preferences, sometimes people offer more than we need to know ha! Who knows, however, Rosie may be onto something here. A little Sriracha, perhaps a with a squeeze of lemon — it could function as a hors d’oeuvres.

It can’t be any more awful than Taco Hell!



Funny Horror Movies and Memes
Joined together – these GIFS
are so funny, they
will have you cracking up
as your soul makes its
journeys into your nightmares!

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WOW! You will be AMAZED! These are JAW DROPPING!

With more individuals getting to be perfectly capable at altering pictures with software programs such as Photoshop, it can be very tricky to tell whether what you see on the web is true or fake. While more often than not your doubt is presumably going to serve you well, now and then you may be in for a bit of a stun. These 25 pictures you won’t accept weren’t Photoshopped will likely do that.

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LMAO! These are SO COOL and FUNNY! ❤

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These are by far the VERY BEST Talking pets ever!

Talking Dogs! Talking Cats!

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