These are just some of the steps
you can take to become globally famous

Guinness World Records, in principle, are stunning and appears to be most difficult things to achieve. The record holders have astounding strength or quick or generally ready to push the breaking points of human capacity.

Throughout the years, however, these world record classifications have ended up progressively strange and I’m not simply discussing individuals with anomalous long fingernails.

Some of these records are inconceivably peculiar, while others simply incite one to wonder about the record holder’s rational sanity.

The accompanying 11 records just touch the most superficial layer of the abnormalities recorded by Guinness World Record officials. On the off chance that you’ve, for a long while, been itching to have your name joined to a world record, however, the wide mixed bag of choices spoken here may very well provide for you a few thoughts.

1. The fastest half-marathon pushing a pram
1 pramPhoto Source:

This record is one for you to try if you refuse to let being a parent slow you down. The female record is at present held by Nancy Schubring of the United States. She finished the half-marathon in 1 hour, 30 minutes and 51 seconds.

The male record is 1 hour, 15 minutes and 8 seconds, held by Neil Davison of the U.K.

In case you’re not a parent yet and still feel the urge to endeavor an unusual running record, you can simply work on running in a full suit, running wearing scuba flippers, or running in a few other abnormal styles.

2. Most toilet seats broken by the head in one minute
2 toiletseatPhoto Source:

Who the heck thought of some of these records anyway? Normally the head and the toilet seat are not the most perfect companians, with the exception of when cliché high school jokers are included.

The record for most wooden latrine seats broken up in one minute by smashing the head is 46. This record is proudly held by Kevin Shelley of the United States.

3. Most rotations hanging from a power drill in one minute
3 powerdrillPhoto Source:

This accomplishment would oblige an extraordinary measure of abdominal strength and physical quality. It is  considerably more amazing than exhausting weight lifting. Still, I don’t think it would be the best thought to attempt this one at home. The current record is 148 turns in a moment, attained by The Huy Giang of Germany.

4. Heaviest weight lifted by  various body parts
4 tongueweightPhoto Source:

Evidently, body strength isn’t sufficient for some. There are Guinness World Records for weight being lifted by numerous diverse body parts, the most unusual of which are apparently fragile parts of the human head.

The heaviest weight lifted by tongue is 12.5 kg (27 lb 8.96 oz). Thomas Blackthorne of the U.K. holds this record.

The heaviest weight lifted with an eyeball is 14 kg (30.86 lb) by Manjit Singh of the U.K.

The heaviest lifted with both eye sockets is 23.5 kg (51 lb 12.96 oz) by Yang Guang He of China.

The heaviest weight lifted with one ear (utilizing a clasp) is 80.78 kg (178 lb 14.4 oz). This record is held by Rakesh Kumar of India.

5. Full body ice contact endurance
5 kha-nang-ky-www.nguoiduatin.vnWorPhoto Source:

No offense, but any individual who has gone through a winter some place with snow ought to know how idiotic this thought is. I assume on the off chance that you can put all musings of frostbite and hypothermia aside … not! Regardless, this is really insane!

Wim Hof of the Netherlands holds this record for submersing himself 1 hour, 52 minutes 42 seconds in complete, full body contact with ice. Wim Hof was additionally featured in a Discovery Channel documentary “Extraordinary People”.

6. Fastest time to burst three balloons with the back
6 balloonsPhoto Source:

This record unquestionably requires that you have stunning adaptability and are extremely flexible. However, how would you even find out that this is one of your unique talents? Julia Gunthel, otherwise known as “Zlata,” of Germany holds this record, taking just 12 seconds to blast three inflatable balloons only with her back.

7. Most watermelons chopped on the stomach in one minute
7 watermelonsPhoto Source:

In case you’re interested, the slicing tool used to slash the watermelons was a machete. That simply makes this deed significantly all the more unnerving. The record is 25 watermelons in one moment, attained by a two person team of Australians. Jim Seeker was the watermelon slasher and Celia Curtis donated her stomach for the cutting board.

8. Most T-shirts removed while heading a football
8 75757042_75757041 www.billionairesaustralia.comPhoto Source:

Yes, by football they mean soccer. Obviously, this is the thing that some individuals utilize their soccer abilities for when they can’t make it professionally. Who would have known? The record is held by Marcelo Ribeiro da Silva of Brazil at 21 shirts.
…Just in case you don’t have the soccer abilities to break this record, or would rather put shirts on than take them off, you could strive for the record of most Shirts worn at one time. The current record of 257. However, this may be hard to surpass.

9. Most steps walked by a dog balancing a glass of water
9 dogwaterrecordPhoto Source:

Don’t stress! Your pets can be world record holders, as well. In the event that your puppy frequently helps you set the supper table, this may be the right record for you to go for.  Sweet Pea, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie, holds both records in this class. Sweet Pea has strolled a record 10 steps up going backwards and 10 steps down going forward while balancing a glass of water on her nose.

10. Loudest purr by a domestic cat
10 loudestpurrPhoto Source:

In the event that the cat lovers out there are feeling left out, don’t worry. There’s likewise a record for your pet to break, as long as they don’t have an issue loudly communicating their affection for you.

The loudest cat purr recorded by a domestic feline is 67.7 db, which is held by Smokey. As indicated by the Guinness World Record site, “Smokey is a domestic cat and achieved its record in its home, where it felt relaxed and happy. Accessories used during the record attempt include a grooming brush, slices of ham and stroking by hand.”

11. Longest distance pulled by a horse (full-body burn)
11 horsepullrecordPhoto Source:

This one may simply take the cake for the most strange of all. Not one or the other piece of this record, being dragged by a stallion or being set on flames appears at all engaging. Possibly, this simply goes to demonstrate the lengths individuals will go to get their name in this book.  The record distance is 472.8 meters (1151 feet 2 inches), attained by Halapi Roland of Hungary.


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