These are GREAT! LOL

As Told By Simpsons, American Dad,  South Park,
SpongeBob, Futurama, Jake and More!

A few words mean precisely what they seem or sound like. (You might not have known the meaning of “oompah” the first occasion when you saw it, yet, you by one means or another knew it included a tuba.) Yet different words promptly evoke something devious or filthy or hot when you first read or hear them, for their genuine definitions to smash those definitions into a million pieces.

1. Coxsackie

10 Coxsackie simpsons-natural-born-kissersWhat It Sounds Like: The whole package down there.
What It Means: A small town in upstate New York.

2. Musky

7 Musky archer-sterling-shirtless-pearWhat It Sounds Like: Smells like sex
What It Means: Smells like the reddish-brown substance
secreted by male deer when marking their territory.

3. Succulometer

6 Succulometer roger-drag-american-dadWhat It Sounds Like: A device used to gauge one’s enjoyment or effectiveness.
What It Means: A device used to measure the moisture in processed vegetables.

4. Sexton

1 SextonWhat It Sounds Like: Unit of measurement equaling 2000 sex acts.
What It Means: Person who tends to a churchyard.

5. Humppa

5 Humppa happy-kenny-south-parkWhat It Sounds Like: The funny Italian word for “humping.”
What It Means: The serious Finnish word for a type of national dance music.

6. Penetrance

8 Penetrance spongebob-squarepants-surprisedWhat It Sounds Like: A combination of “penetrate” and “entrance.”
What It Means: The percentage of people with a particular
gene mutation who exhibit the disorder that gene creates.

7. Copula

4 Copula rick-morty-two-womenWhat It Sounds Like: How to say “copulate” when you’re too busy doing it to even finish saying it.
What It Means: A verb that connects a sentence’s subject to its complement.

8. Mastication

3 Mastication homer-simpson-droolingWhat It Sounds Like: The reason your parents are
banging on your bedroom door. Or bathroom door.
Or why they say you’re not fooling anyone under that blanket.
What It Means: To chew food.

9. Tittle

9 Tittle jake-dog-adventure-timeWhat It Sounds Like: You know exactly what it sounds like.
What It Means: The dot over an “i” or “j.”

10. Vagitus

2 Vagitus fry-futurama-confusedWhat It Sounds Like: The vajayjay, but with a
more commanding Roman Empire sound to it.
What It Means: The crying of a newborn baby.


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