How Things Work – How Do They Do That? -23 Pics

Posted: November 14, 2014 in Amazing, Cool Stuff, Interesting Facts, Lists
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Ever Wonder HOW????

1. How Does Green Screen Work?
1 anigif_enhanced-buzz-1487-1414082823-26Photo Source:
2. How does a Key Lock Mechanism Work?
2 anigif_enhanced-buzz-18666-1414006406-7Photo Source;
3. How Do They Put The Fruit Filling In Pop Tarts?
3 anigif_enhanced-buzz-12061-1414006727-5Photo Source:
4. What Exactly Happens When You Swallow?
4 anigif_enhanced-buzz-27402-1414083037-4Photo Source:
5. How Do The Wrap Hay Bales?
5 anigif_enhanced-buzz-3028-1414012098-4Photo Source:
6. How Does Light Bend In Water?
6 anigif_enhanced-buzz-25171-1414080025-11Photo Source:
7. How Are Paper Clips Made?
7 anigif_enhanced-buzz-31750-1414080719-17Photo Source:
8. How Is It Possible That A Traffic Jam Happens Even When There Are No Accidents or Bad Weather.
8 anigif_enhanced-buzz-20033-1414081211-20Photo Source:
9. Time Lapse Life of a Dandelion.
9 anigif_enhanced-buzz-19827-1414081402-14Photo Source:
10. How Do Air Plane Flight Patterns Change Throughout the Day?
10 anigif_enhanced-buzz-4698-1414082936-4Photo Source:
11. This is pretty Terrifying! This is a Human Face with Time Lapse Changes While it is Forming in the Womb! Wow!
11 anigif_enhanced-buzz-5380-1414082989-4Photo Source:
12. How Does Big Bird’s Suit Work? How is Big Bird’s Suit Controlled?
12 anigif_enhanced-buzz-14860-1414011508-16Photo Credit:
13.  How Are Ice Cream Cones Made?
13 anigif_enhanced-buzz-27725-1414080047-5Photo Source:
14. Time Lapse Photography on How Does A Bean Stalk Grow?
14 anigif_enhanced-buzz-19729-1414080433-27Photo Source:
15. How is Wi-Fi Distributed Throughout a House, Home or Apartment Building?
15 anigif_enhanced-buzz-30279-1414077456-24Photo Credit:
16. What Actually Happens When You Put on Sunscreen?
16 anigif_enhanced-buzz-1463-1414080750-5Photo Credit:
17. How Do They Make Camouflage Helmets?
17 anigif_enhanced-buzz-19328-1414006453-8Photo Source:
18: How Did Michael Jackson Defy Gravity By Leaning On a Slant? What Was Michael Jackson’s Secret?
18 anigif_enhanced-buzz-5996-1414006601-4Photo Source: CBS
19. How Do Dogs Drink Water? How Do Dogs Use Their Tongues to Drink Water?
19 anigif_enhanced-buzz-15939-1414007029-20Photo Source:
20. How does a Coin Change Machine Sort Coins?
20 anigif_enhanced-buzz-18988-1414011834-4Photo Source:
21. Time Lapse of How Braces Moves Teeth.
21 anigif_enhanced-buzz-26408-1414006314-9Photo Source:
22. How Does A Trumpet Make Sound?
22 anigif_enhanced-buzz-18796-1414011934-4Photo Source:
23. How Are Pretzels Made?23 anigif_enhanced-buzz-8101-1414013121-8
Photo Source:
24. How Are Peanut Butter Jars Filled?
24 anigif_enhanced-buzz-32201-1414081997-14Photo Source:
Source: Buzzfeed
  1. The Real DC says:

    Camouflage helmet… mind blown!!


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