Very Weird
Graveyard Tombstones

1. Forever Afraid Of The Storm
1 desktop-1415303007Photo Credit: Tumblr

A terribly broken hearted mother had this grave specially made for her 10-year-old little girl who died in 1871. When she was alive, the little girl was scared of thunder storms. The grave was built with a door that plunges to the level of her coffin. Her mother would come to visit her and enter the tomb during bad storms to give her daughter comfort.

2. The Girl in the Glass House
2 desktop-1415303003Photo Credit: Tumblr

This beautiful life sized girl inside a glass box is another amazing memory of a long lost child.

3. Sleeping Beauty

3 desktop-1415303008

Photo Credit: Tumblr

The grave site of a 16-year-old girl. The girl’s sister had this life-sized gravestone designed for her.

4. Eternal Hug
4 desktop-1415303001Photo Credit: Pinterest

Together forever and ever, embraced in eternal love.

5. A Beautiful Thought6 8f49f39700949a0d315305d893e87b1e
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Jesus will watch over this little girl forever.

6. The Weeping Pianist

This one has so much deep feeling. I wish I could hear the music she used to play. Heart touching indeed.

7.  Mickey My Idle
8 355c921aab440254977ec53f53876dacPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Gimme an “M”… “EMMM”…. sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I really hope she did love Mickey after all! Hmmmm.

8. The Smoking Gun
9 desktop-1415302995Photo Credit: Pinterest

What exactly is he smoking there? Looks suspicious to me.

9.  Free WiFi10 4d934b1609ad1dd8f036caf31926e835
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Can you hear me now?

10. Forever Happy Together

11 4aa2e52409b60f6667c5eff1cf8a0609

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Everlasting Love.

11. Horrifying… WHY???
12 51c96bd284f0f81505a948b14905b3caPhoto Credit: Pinterest

What in the world??? Why would anyone do THIS? Just plain terrifying!

12. Stick a Fork In Me… I’m Done.
13 tumblr_mp4csqgUD01rw872io1_400Photo Credit: Tumblr

And now for my final act… I shall disappear. I’m out of here….

13.  Zombie-Proof
14 d5da81555664a3d7eae07833d469c34fPhoto Credit: Pinterest

That ought to hold them back.. wait.. we missed a spot. Where’s the Duct Tape?  This grave concept from the Victorian era was meant to prevent the dead from escaping the grave. Just in case they happened to be zombies or vampires.

14. Mother Nature
15 tumblr_nakhy0HJiP1s9jkgko1_500Photo Credit: Tumblr

You can’t fool Mother Nature!

15. Loosing My Head
16 tumblr_mp4csqgUD01rw872io4_500Photo Credit: Tumblr

Who knows what this is supposed to mean? Hmmmm. Very creepy grave for sure!

16. Oops! I Dropped My Hat
17 f39bfb8a3d9e117ef01125b82e615e2aPhoto Credit: Pinterest

A French journalist from the 18th century has lost his hat.

17. Hey! There “U” “R”!
18 desktop-1415302998Photo Source: Pinterest

There must be a hidden message in there somewhere!

18. Religions Unite
19 tumblr_mopl0iauFl1rw872io1_500Photo Credit: Tumblr

These two graves of a husband and wife are connected from two adjacent cemeteries. The wife was a Protestant and the husband was Catholic. They died at a time when Protestant and Catholic cemeteries were very strictly separated. This is really Heart Touching!

19. The End of The Road
20 tumblr_n8k09mKdAH1rsnmqfo1_500Photo Source:  Tumblr

This is the last remaining grave from an old cemetery in rural Indiana. Most of the graveyard was moved to make way for the state highway. The grandson of the woman buried there refused to have his grandmother moved. The county eventually gave in and built the road around the grave. Amazing!

20. The Maze
21 tumblr_mzegkq9ot81rsnmqfo1_500Photo Source: Tumblr

This is the grave of a Maze Maker. Do you think you can solve the puzzle?

21. Never Ending Spooning
22 tumblr_mn9sl9xkmm1rfhsblo1_500Photo Credit: Tumblr

Well, maybe not quite spooning, but it is beautiful and awesome!

22. The Treehouse Grave
23 tumblr_mnlzdk9AYI1rpb7goo1_400Photo Credit: Tumblr

This tree is almost totally encasing this grave. Very Eerie!

23. Relaxing Together
24 056aca63305d39af5313d5b3145f6066Photo Credit: Pinterest

How fascinating! Really incredible grave site in Paris, France.


Source: Viralnova






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