Break out your accordion,
crank it up to eleven,
insert insanity,
and get prepared to
laugh so hard you’ll
pee your pants!

Here we share our
adored ruler of parody
11 crazy facts about
“Weird Al” Yankovic
that will surly surprise you!

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Wierd Al Yankovic started playing the accordion at age 7.


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He is incredibly smart! Weird Al was the valedictorian of his high school.


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He acquired the nickname “Weird Al” while he was attending school for architecture at Cal Poly. While he was enrolled at California Polytechnic State University in  San Luis Obispo, Weird Al was a host for a radio show under the At California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, Yankovic hosted a radio show under the stage name “Weird Al”.

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His first single, “My Bologna,  was also born during his college days.
Weird Al recorded his first parody (The Knack’s song “My Sharona”) in a college washroom.


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“Ricky,: an spoof of “I Love Lucy” and of Toni Basil’s hit “Mickey,” was his first song to make it to the Top 100 hits.


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His most recent release called “Mandatory Fun,” is the first comedy album to actually debut at number 1 on the list in over half a century

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Coolio is the only artist who would not legally allow Weird Al to parody his song.
A mistake in commuication with Yankovic, Coolio, and Coolio’s record label eventually ended up with Weird Al realeasing “Gangsta’s Paradise” parody against Coolio’s demands. Yankovic quickly sent an official personal apology and now only accepts permission directly from the preforming artist.

slide_376746_4427254_freePhoto Credit: Vinyl Tap
“Like a Surgeon” is the one and only parody idea that Weird Al did not create all by himself.
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He was refused a job working at McDonald’s. The Golden Arches company declined his post-college application due to the fact that he was overqualified.


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The number 27 subtly is heard in many of Weird Al’s songs. He first started using the number simply because it was a “pretty funny number.” When fans finally realized the references, he purposely started integrating the number 27 into his material more often. For instance, in the Michael Jackson parody, “Fat,” he says he ate every Twinkie on 27th Avenue.

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Weird Al has won a total of 3 Emmy Awards. He got one for Best Comedy Recording for “Eat It” (1984), Best Concept Music Video for “Fat” (1985), and also Best Comedy Album for “Poodle Hat” (2003).



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