Fun Ways To Scare Your Kids For Halloween Fun -23 Ideas!

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Because Kids Need More Than Treats For Halloween!


1 THUMB enhanced-15181-1412616633-7Picture Credit: Buzzfeed
1. How to put your “head” in a jar, then leave it in the refrigerator for the kids to find.
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1 c large enhanced-buzz-13804-1412370807-4(1)

2. “Spider Chip Cookies.”
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Kick it up a notch… tell your kids a little bit before serving them, that you found a bunch of spiders in the kitchen that morning!

3. Scare the crap out of the  kids.

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4. Top it off with a real scare when they reach for the toilet paper.
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5. Hang this Boogie Man made out of construction paper at the end of a dark hallway.
5 enhanced-buzz-14707-1412372390-8Photo Credit:

Then you say: “Okay, buddy. Why don’t you go brush your teeth before bed.” (Waits for scream)

6. Fake cockroaches in your kids’ cereal box.
6 enhanced-buzz-26084-1412383857-4Photo Credit:

Personally, I think this is a little traumatic, they might not trust cereal again lol!

7. Put a ghost made simply from chicken wire in your yard.
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8. Use toilet paper rolls to put glowing eyes just outside your kids’ bedroom window.
8 enhanced-buzz-30270-1412374928-11Photo Credit:
9. Make yourself Scary! Wake your kids up on Halloween wearing plastic fangs and horns.
9 enhanced-17536-1412382875-1(1)Photo Credit: Flickr: not-so-much / Via Creative Commons
10. Get an “Undead Ted” and hide it secretly with  your kid’s stuffed animals.
10 enhanced-buzz-19453-1412375383-8(1)Photo Credit:

Again, not sure this is a good idea, but it is a funny thought!

11. Freak your kids out by eating a bowl of creepy worms.
11 enhanced-buzz-2389-1412376622-4(1)Photo Credit:

Make delicious, edible worms. This formula is straightforward and a great idea for Halloween, April Fool’s, or whenever you crave nibbling on wormy goodness!

2 packs (3 oz) Raspberry jello
1 pkg unflavored gelatin (for additional solidness)
3/4 mug whipping cream
3 mugs bubbling water
15 drops green sustenance shading
100 adaptable straws (or enough to fill your holder)
Tall holder (1 quart or 1 liter container of milk)

1) Mix Jello in dish and add boiling water.
2) Let it cool to lukewarm and after that add the whipped cream and 15 drops green food coloring.
3) Assemble your straws (remember to flex them out) and place them in the container. It’s critical that the straws have a tight fit so the jello stays in the straws. Thus, a 1 liter container may work best; you will most likely get longer worms subsequent to there is a tighter fit. In the event that you have a larger container, an elastic band around the straws is useful. On the other hand you could simply add more straws to fill the holder.
4) Add the Jello mixture to the straw-filled holder and let it set until firm.
5) There are numerous ways you can expel the worms from the straws. You use a rolling pin over the straws and squeeze them out or you can hold the straws over warm water. The worms will slip right out.

12. Hang a talking tree decoration on a tree outside.
12 edit-698-1412573055-14Photo Credit:
13. Pack a “bloody” hard boiled egg in their lunch.
13 enhanced-buzz-28446-1412438643-11Photo Credit:

To make this palatable art in your home, you’ll require:

One dozen eggs
A push-pin
A few boxes of Jello
A fine pastry tip
Duct tape

Start by utilizing the push-pin to cut two little openings in opposite ends of one egg.
Blow the egg whites and yolks out of the egg (you may need to increase the size of the opening on one end), and afterward completely wash it out with hot water or boil the shells. Remember that eggs can convey salmonella, so the hotter the water and the stronger the pressure, the better.
When completely cleaned, apply duct tape firlmy (or any other very strong tape)over one of the holes. Place the egg, tape-side down, back into the egg carton and repeat this process with the other eggs.
Mix up the Jello according to package directions and insert the pastry tip into the top opening of the emptied out eggs and pour in the Jello until the egg is full. The Jello will be hot, so pour the jello very slowly and carefully to make sure that the eggs do not overflow..
Put the container of eggs in the refrigerator and chill them until the Jello has completely set, no less than three hours. When firm, the kids will break off the shells and you can watch with delight!

14. Turn a regular photo into a haunted one with a ghost image using the Camera Hoax app.
14 Camera HoaxPhoto Credit:
15. Pose as a harmless scarecrow decoration on your porch.
15a anigif_enhanced-20014-1412444470-9Photo Credit: YouTube

15 banigif_original-grid-image-12311-1412445506-7

Photo Credit: YouTube

Catch your kids off guard, jump up and give them a good fright!

16. Give your kids a chill by chilling their drinks with creepy cubes.
16 enhanced-buzz-5565-1412399680-7Picture Credit:
17. Write a scary message with liquid dish soap on the bathroom mirror.
17 edit-1240-1412381365-10Picture credit:
18. Make your mirror haunted.
18 enhanced-buzz-31484-1412397157-4Photo Credit:

You’ll Need:
One 30 x 44 inch glass picture frame.2 jars of mirror splash paint by Krylon
1 dark acrylic paint
1 crackle medium
1 ivory paint
printer paper

Print life-sized photographs of Victorian children in black and white and black out their eyes.
Cut them out and glue with mod  podge lue to the glass.
Wet your fingers and rub a some of the paper away from the ink along the edges to soften the “cut-out” impact.
Spray the back of the glass (back of the pictures as well) with glass paint. Don’t stress over making it too perfectly even on the grounds that you can make an aged glass look out of the blemishes.
Paint picture frame black. Let dry.
Paint with crackle medium. Let dry.
Top coat frame with ivory paint and it will crackle in minutes.
Set glass back into the frame.

19. Hide your hand in a candy bowl.

19 enhanced-buzz-24901-1412382144-4

Picture Credit:

Cover a large cardboard box with a plastic table cloth so it would seem like a table, then cut a hole in the top. Put a treat dish (with a hole in the bottom of it also) on the table, then cover up underneath. At the point when your child takes a sweet, reach up and snatch their wrist!

20. Install a Bloody  Kool-Aid Shower.

20 edit-9644-1412443081-26

Picture Credit: YouTube

Here’s How:

21. Sticky eyes on the food in the refrigerator.
21 enhanced-buzz-17666-1412470000-4Photo Source:
22. Put a scary mask on your kid’s pillow.
22 enhanced-buzz-31245-1412472577-10Picture Credit:
23. Stick press-on nails on hot dogs.
23 enhanced-2357-1412571860-5Picture Source: BuzzFeed

Then put the “appendages” around the house for your kids to stumble upon.


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