These Kids Have It All Going On This Halloween!

These Creative Home Made Halloween Costumes Will Put Your Bed Sheet Ghost Costume To Shame.

1 enhanced-buzz-20323-1380043761-39Where’s the Salad Dressing? lol

2 enhanced-buzz-7272-1379708158-16Ha! Gum Stuck to a Shoe!

3 enhanced-buzz-25615-1379709186-10My Mini-Me

4 enhanced-buzz-25717-1379708271-41Wussup Wayne…Wussup Garth?

5 enhanced-buzz-17092-1379708599-6Hope Nothing Gets Hung Up In This Vending Machine, I can’t kick it or shake it Ha!

6 enhanced-buzz-29623-1379708781-29How About n Extra Helping of Mac and Cheese?

7 enhanced-buzz-14012-1379709266-9LOL! Baaa-daaa-daaa daaa daaa… I’m LOVIN” IT.

8 enhanced-buzz-7360-1379707749-20I Might Have Lost my Head, But  I Still Have My Mind!

9 enhanced-buzz-17706-1379709309-0Jelly Beans! LOL

10 enhanced-buzz-15079-1379709469-4… And the Winner is…

11 enhanced-buzz-21916-1379709357-21Nothing Like a Nice Warm Bubble Bath!

12 enhanced-buzz-13772-1379710635-11Hawaiian Snow Globe!

13 enhanced-buzz-13772-1379709541-1I  Can Never Decide Which Flavor!

14 enhanced-buzz-8330-1380041480-9Best Gnome EVER!

15 enhanced-buzz-2231-1380039397-8HA! This Little Guy Must Be Working Out!

16 enhanced-buzz-2248-1380041415-16Prince!!!

17 enhanced-buzz-507-1379714089-4Walter White! LOL

18 enhanced-buzz-11441-1380045518-5Lil’ Wayne

19 enhanced-buzz-2764-1380042113-32HA! A TV Dinner!

20 enhanced-buzz-11415-1380046483-12How About A Little Latte!?

21 enhanced-buzz-9677-1380045867-10Everyone LOVES the Ice Cream Man!

22 enhanced-buzz-24017-1380047647-2Little Eddie Butter Knife Hands!

23 enhanced-buzz-15960-1379708633-4HA! Whac-A-Me






  1. The last one…. Hilarious


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