9 ways the Family Guy – Simpsons hybrid was a scourge on mankind!

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Funny Video, Humor
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Hey, let’s face it.
No one was anticipating
the Simpsons/Family Guy
hybrid that circulated
recently to be that great.

For one thing, it was in fact a scene of Family Guy, and whatever soul or imagination that show had was long prior wrung dry. For an alternate, when was the last time you saw a crossover occasion that was something besides a fast cash money maker idea? All the odds were against this idea from the start.

Yet at the same time, what could be expected here was generally a bizarre idea of average quality, a little tidbit of commentary of both shows’ previous episodes. What no one could have expected was a scourge on mankind itself. But all in all, that is what resulted.

Here’s a concise rundown of the scene’s most horrendous, terrible minutes.

1) A battle succession between Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin that keeps going a full seven minutes.

Okay, Family Guyis known for its ultra-vicious chicken battles, for its perpetual reiteration of stiflers that worked at one time, and for puns that go on excessively long, apparently just to cushion out scenes. Anyway seven minutes of Homer and Peter thumping one another, spreading action movie disorder all through Springfield, additionally emphasizing Homer gnawing Peter in the groin, before he falls and froths at the mouth? Please spare me!

2) Likewise, Homer and Peter washed autos to Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” while wearing denim shorts and tight Tee Shirts.

True, this really occurred. Yes, it seemed to go on for eternity.

3) Everyone was mean to Meg once more

This is one of Family Guy’s longest running stiflers, and having Lisa become a close friend with Meg made it appear to be as though the Griffin girl may at long last discover a genuine companion. Yet the scene finished up with Peter hollering, from offscreen, “Shut up, Meg! You don’t matter!” It would be one thing if this joke had ever been clever, however, its simply not, and the show continues turning to it. What’s more Meg’s saxophone, the new thing that may bring her bliss, got tossed in the refuse.

4) Almost all the jokes reminded us Family Guy was simply The Simpsons in a marginally distinctive bundle.

Really, a few these were clever, yet the show came back to that well over and over and once more, as though attempting to make retribution for something.

5) They needed to go and make fun of Weave’s Burgers

Look, we know Bpb’s Burgers, the best show in the Fox enlivened coalition, experiences difficulty standing its ground in the television ratings. Anyway did the scene need to call attention to out in an extravagant stifler including World War One Biplanes? (Despite the fact that Cleveland smashing and smoldering was slightly entertaining, in the event that you recollect The Cleveland Show.)

6) The coolly supremacist treatment of Apu

Whether it was Stewie securing the guy a pen for a modest snicker or the line “I come from a country where the word for sewage and beverage are the same,” the show treated Apu, a rich, created character all alone show, in the same way as the punchline to a joke told in 1972.

7) Peter and Homer drank gas out of the hose in the wake of purchasing way too much gasoline, then got transformed into a German porn.

Alright, this happened. (Truly, this rundown could simply be “everything the show had Peter and Homer do together.”)

8) Way too many heaps of “politically correct” sexual jokes.

As of right now, Family Guy is making a decent attempt to cheekily insult that its since a long time ago moved past being progressively clever and past being truly hostile. Presently, it’s simply tired when Brian requests to see Lois’ boobs, or the show has Stewie make an assault joke in a pank phone call to Moe’s.

9) Peters’s funny cartoon

The Griffins need to escape Quahog on the grounds that Peter has irritated up a bundle of bloggers with his at times misanthropic funny cartoon. It’s intended to be an editorial on the simple offense taken at shows like Family Guy by individuals on the web, yet it for the most part puts on a show of being pointless gloating by a show that apparently can’t trust its crossed the decade mark.

On the other hand, put an alternate way, when The Simpsons broadcast a 12-day marathon of each scene it had ever constructed, it was welcomed with warmth and wistfulness. It’s tricky to envision that incident with Family Guy, a tv show that has virtually quite recently surrendered, giving up and began rubbing our noses in the illogical actuality that in any case it exists and is sensibly prominent. Upbeat television season, everyone. How about we all discover something else to watch.

~AneurisM ☠ 2014

Video Source: YouTube


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