There are so Many Different Superstitions In Our World!
Here are 25 some AMAZING Superstitions!

Even though, within our modern civilization,
superstitions don’t have much of a spot,
at any rate not in the regular sense (think OCD),
for the vast majority of history they have an
assumed a colossal role in molding society,
culture, and ways of life.

Whether they are old wives stories, urban legends, or simply alarming stories, each culture has superstitions of some sort, however, these are the 25 most prevalent superstitions far and wide.



25. Cannibalistic gum chewing in Turkey
gum1Photo Credit:
In a few parts of Turkey you may need to reconsider before unwrapping the chewing gum. There is a conviction that in the event that you are mulling over gum around evening time, it is really rotting, decaying human flesh.
24. Groaning cheese for a newborn
cheesePhoto Credit:

You’ve most likely know of cheddar, Swiss or pepper jack cheese, yet have you ever known about “Groaning Cheese”? In Medieval Times in England, eager moms made what they called a ‘Groaning Cheese’ which was a very large, substantial wheel of special cheese that developed for nine months as the unborn child developed. At the point when the ‘Groaning Time’ or moment of birth came, the entire family would rejoice by consuming this special cheese until only the external skin of the cheese was the only thing left. The infant would then be passed through the empty cheese rind on Christening day to be honored with a long and prosperous life. Pretty cheesy superstition, Ha!

23. Horseshoe Brings Good Luck
horseshoePhoto Credit: 

Some individuals have faith to bring good fortunes and to keep bad dreams away, you must hang a horseshoe in the room or on an entryway handle with its finishes indicating upwards. This conviction comes from the way that a stallion shoe has seven openings, which is thought to be a lucky number, and is made of iron, so it can evidently avoid wicked spirits that may frequently haunt you in your subconscious fantasies.

22. Friday the 13th
Slide437Photo Credit: 

Friday the thirteenth has been a wellspring of superstition after the nineteenth century. Despite the fact that its source is engulfed in theories and speculations, its effect is truly obvious. Numerous individuals will deliberately abstain from doing anything critical (like business gatherings, socials, feasts, and so on) because of the conviction that the day is reviled and its a massive curse of bad luck.

21. Curse of the Opal Gem
Opal_from_Yowah_Queensland_Australia_2Photo Credit:

In the event that your totally most loved stone is the Opal, you’re seriously out of luck with it, truly since this stone is said to bring bad fortunes to whoever wears it. This superstition originated from the top of the line novel ‘Anne of Geierstein’ by Sir Walter Scott in 1829 where “Lady Hermione” was erroneously blamed for being a devil as she kicks the bucket not long after a drop of heavenly water incidentally falls on her opal gems and makes the stone change color. This book had such an impact on the perception of the Opal that soon after its distribution, the Opal business smashed and Opal costs dropped by half!

20. Bells Ringing
bells roxPhoto Credit:

Have you ever asked why bells are constantly connected with weddings and unique events? It would appear, chimes are sounded amid unique events because of the broadly held conviction that bells cause panic on wicked spirit and frighten them away. This conviction started amid Queen Elizabeth’s rule for 2 reasons; to request prayers to God for the departed spirit soul and to rid the demonic spirits who stand at the foot of your bed.

19. Bird poop brings wealth
birdpoopPhoto Credit:

Don’t stress out, you did indeed read the title correct. In Russia, there is a conviction that if a feathered creature poops on you, your auto or your property its a sign good fortune and may bring you wealth. The more fowls included, the wealthier you’ll be! So next time a flying creature craps on you, simply tally everything and enjoy your new found wealth! Ha! Good luck with that!

18. Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue
399937 thefeministbridePhoto Credit:

This prevalent wedding tradition is said to have begun amid Victorian times and includes giving the lady different endowments. One is something old and symbolizes continuity;  another is something new and speaks to trust and the future; the third is something borrowed and represents acquired happiness while the last is blue and should bring virtue, purity, adoration, and fidelity.

17. Black cats, bad luck
Slide1336Photo Credit:

Most individuals have heard the adage that if a black cat crosses your path it’s bad luck(in the event that you haven’t well now you have). This superstition thinks that its beginning in the middles ages because of the confounded conviction that unmarried ladies (generally elderly) who related themselves with numerous felines where really witches who could get to be felines themselves. Along these lines a black cat crossing your path could really be a witch in disguise.

16. Unlucky smoking triad
cigaretterx jpgPhoto Credit:

From the times of the Crimean War through World War I, it was viewed as bad fortunes among soldiers of war to light three cigarettes with one match. It was assumed that when the third cigarette was lit, an expert marksman would have had sufficient energy to have that soldier in his sight, prepared to make the execution. Be that as it may, some accept that the superstition may have been spread as a rumor by match manufacturer Ivar Krueger to scrounge up more business.

15. Counting crows
crowPhoto Credit:

No, I am not alluding to the 90′s band HA! It’s accepted that the number of crows at a homicide scene can anticipate your fortune as exemplified by the well known expression: “One’s bad – Two’s luck – Three’s health – Four’s wealth – Five’s sickness – Six is death.” More than six however is by all accounts up to the individual who is counting.

14. Jinxed birds


Photo Source:

The Wryneck or Jinxtorquilla are a type of fledglings that can turn their heads at very extreme angles. A superstitious conviction among local people is that if this winged animal twists its head towards you, demise is upcoming for you on the horizon.

13. Soul capturing mirrors


Photo Credit:

Most people use mirrors many times a day which means, as indicated by this superstition, most individuals are “soulless”. There is a superstition that expresses that if you look into a mirror it will devour your spirit. This aides clarify as to why the “evil queen” utilizes a mirror to imply her mischief upon Snow White, why Narcissus was caught ensnared by his own reflection, and why evil soulless vampires have no reflection. Reconsider this before you investigate the lavatory mirror, you have been warned…

12. Cross your fingers for good luck
fingers-crossedPhoto Credit:

To cross one’s fingers is a hand motion normally utilized for good fortunes. Which bodes well since it was utilized amid aged Christian mistreatment by devotees to recognize different believers as an indication of peace. Today nonetheless, this has advanced to reason the telling of “white lies”  which may have its establishes in the belief that the force of the Christian cross may spare an individual from being sent to hellfire for telling an untruth.

11. Photographic soul cage

At the point when photography was initially created in the early nineteenth century, people everywhere throughout the world held the unwarranted conviction that taking somebody’s portrait was likened to taking his spirit. In this manner if a foe had the capacity acquire a photo of you, he held your spirit as well as held an otherworldly control over you. Thank heavens this is simply a superstition, I can just envision what number of individuals would have control over me… (IE. Facebook, etc LOL)

10. Unlucky number 13
Slide1637Photo Credit:

Not to be mistaken for Friday the thirteenth (which is a superstition of the number of the day of the month) however, comparable in nature, this superstition just expresses that the number 13 is connected with bad fortunes. That is the reason numerous draftsmen cannot (some still do) to plan stairs that finished with 13 steps or structures that finished with a thirteenth floor. The alarm of the number 13 is so true to numerous individuals, that a genuine fear has been made to depict it; its called Triskaidekaphobia. (attempt to say that 13 times quick).

At the Last Supper in Christian philosophy, there were 13 supper guests, so that number is unfortunate on the grounds that Christ was betrayed. Also in Norse mythology, 12 divine gods were assembling in a corridor and the insidiousness god Loki assaulted the gathering. Loki was the thirteenth visitor, and the god Balder was slaughtered in the skirmish.

9. When you wish upon a star wish upon a starPhoto Credit:

The superstition including wishing on the first star you see at night is to some degree indeterminate, however Europeans accepted that the divine beings would incidentally companion down, and when they moved the sky, a star would escape and tumble down. The Greeks additionally accepted that the stars where falling human souls, and it was fortunate to make a wish on them.

8. Opening an umbrella indoors
umbrellaPhoto Source:

As per superstition, in the event that you open an umbrella inside you are truly requesting bad fortunes to “rain on you”. One clarification originates from the days when umbrellas were utilized as protection from the sun; opening one inside was an affront to the sun god who would then condemnation you with bad fortunes. An alternate hypothesis expresses that an umbrella protects you against the storms of life, so opening one inside your home insults the gatekeeper spirits of your home (whom likewise ensures you from the storms of life), making them abandon you unprotected.

7. New broom + new house =bad luck
broomPhoto Source:

There are many superstitions associated with brooms (heck, that could be a list all in itself) but there is one very curious and particular superstition that we want to caution you on. As the lore goes, you cannot sweep dirt out of a new house (or apartment) with a new broom unless you sweep something in first. If you don’t sweep something in first, then you will be sweeping out your good luck. Do not sweep out your good luck!

6. Lucky rabbit’s foot
rabbitPhoto Credit:

To have this token is a not so lucky for the rabbit, however, a huge fortune for person who carries it on their person. As per superstition (which can be followed as far back as the seventh century BC) the rabbit’s supernatural fortunes could be extracted by taking the left rear foot of a rabbit that was shot (or caught) in a spooky cemetery on the night of a full moon.(I still neglect to perceive how this was so fortunate for the rabbit that its good luck would transfer over to a person??? LOL).

5. Knock on wood
woodPhoto Credit:

Knocking wood, or basically the term “knock on wood” in the wake of putting forth a confident expression, thinks that it is established in the thought that you’re courting disaster by recognizing your favorable luck. It’s accepted that the articulation originates from an old conviction that great spirits existed in trees, so by thumping on something wooden, an individual was approaching the spirits for assurance. An alternate motivation behind why we ought to all be tree-huggers.

4. Breaking a mirror
brokenmirrorPhoto Credit:

We’ve specified how mirrors are accepted to be soul sucking magical things (which is awful enough) however what happens when you break one of these gadgets of mishap? Why, seven years of bad fortunes obviously! A few superstitious sources express that the caught souls antagonistically impact your good fortune. What’s more here you thought you were helping them out! Nope, verify that those suckers stay inside that mirror!

3. Did you Sneeze? … God bless you!
sneezePhoto Credit:

For a lot of people; saying “God Bless You” after somebody has a sneeze is a signal of graciousness. Notwithstanding, the beginning to such custom thinks that it was  established in Pope Gregory the Great who would say it to individuals who sniffled amid the bubonic plague; and from the mistaken conviction that the spirit gets away from the body amid sneezing and the heart instantly stops for a moment. In this manner, saying “God bless you” was a method for welcoming the individual back to life.

2. Four-leaf clover
4 leaf clover kaaz.euPhoto Credit: 

Despite the fact that the birthplace of the wishing over a 4 leaf clover is lost to artifact it has long been an image of good fortunes and good luck. It has likewise been utilized as a part of a few customs for discovering a spouse or a wife. The way this works (for you single individuals) is by first discovering a 4 leaf clover (good fortunes with that one), in the event that you happen to discover one, you should then consume it (or put it inside your shoe… yet consuming is more fun). After this, the fortunes forces will actuate and the first individual you come contact after the actuation will be your future spouse. (Caution: stay away from anybody you wouldn’t want to marry! lol)

1. Itchy palms
palm www.liveinternet.ruPhoto Credit: 

There is by all accounts a considerable measure of varieties on this superstition, yet the thought of having an itchy palm by and large alludes to somebody who is insatiable or has a voracious yearning for cash. Some individuals accept the belief that if the right palm is itchy, you will lose cash, while an itchy left palm implies that cash is coming your direction in the future. In the event that both palm itches, you may need to go to a specialist for that! Ha!

~AneurisM ☠
  1. Steve says:

    I hope the wishing on a star one is true :). Great list!


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