13 Weird Crazy Funny Pics and Memes

Posted: October 5, 2014 in Funny Pictures, Jokes, Lists
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More Funny Pics
& Memes!

Direct from around our wacky planet,
more funny pictures and goofy memes to
add a sip of chuckle into your day.
This strange collection of the bizarre and weird
was put together just for you to savor and share.
Hell, why not? I ain’t go nothin’ else to do.
So go ahead and enjoy this crazy batch of random humor.
01 Oompa-Loompa
Let’s Party Baby!
02 animal-head-vintage-weird-Favim.com-02340740
My Great Grandmother grazing in her garden.
03 Cat-03 Bats
You purrin’ at me?  I said, YOU PURRIN’ AT ME?
04 Youre-Gonna-Make-It-Afterall
Goats first trip to the big city.
05 Duct-Taped-Shoes-Hairy-Legs
Love the Hairy Leg Effect!
06 Bitches-be-bitchin
Three Bitches Bitchin’…
07 Fashion
WTF? What is the one on the left supposed to be?
08 Hitler
Hitler’s on a ROLL Sheesh! What an idiot! LOL
09 Funny-Pictures-Bishop
The Monsignor likes what he sees!
10 Butt-look-big
Honesty sometimes hurts.
11 Cat
What the…?   Who’s the genius who designed this?  Poor Kitty!
12 Pissed-Cats
Maybe if their “mommy” would lighten up they wouldn’t be so angry! Ha!
13 Truck
This is one of those cars that can be used as a boat as well!
Car of the FUTURE is here.

Source: http://www.teamjimmyjoe.com


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