Man Spends 6 Months Panning for Gold in Freezing Scottish Rivers to Create Wedding and Engagement Rings

He worked day and night in freezing cold streams around the mountains of Scotland.
John Greenwood was looking for gold because for one sole reason – to make engagement and wedding rings for his sweetheart from the a huge number of dusty specks of valuable gold he was gathering.

It was an unadulterated work of adoration. Also today, as he came back with his pleased new lady from a Caribbean wedding service, it was clear it had all panned out perfectly!
John invested hours over months prospecting spots of gold.

  • Utilized a typical gold pan, trowel, scoop and rake to gather chunks
  • Gathered in excess of 100G of the uncommon Scottish gold, which is 22 carat pure
  • Had an interesting engagement ring cast for life partner Morag
  • Mined further gold to make their matching interesting wedding rings
  • Traded them in wedding on the island of Antigua, in the West Indies

Discovering the ideal engagement ring is a genuine undertaking for any man, yet few would think to begin in a solidifying frosty waterway.

Sentimental John Greenwood knew only the best would do – so he invested months prospecting to shape into an extraordinary image of his adoration.

John, 46, from Crieff, Perthshire, gathered a large number of modest bits before getting a goldsmith to cast them into an engagement ring.

1 article-2082563-0F57D1C700000578-115_468x388The Amazing Golden Couple: John proposed to Morag on
Christmas Day at the beautiful Gleaneagles Hotel in Perthshire.
2 article-2082563-0F57D1D300000578-520_468x459Special: The result of John’s hard work was cast by
Goldsmith Gift Logan, from Campbeltown, Argyll
Morag’s engagement ring, like the wedding rings,
was hallmarked basically as ‘Scottish gold’ in light of the
fact that gold from that region is so uncommon.

His sweetheart Morag Shearer, 40, was dumbfounded when he introduced it to her on Christmas Day – and instantly said yes to his proposal.

John said of his mission: ‘I’ve been unimaginably fortunate to discover such a great amount of gold to make a ring, yet I was out there consistently and in the nighttimes before it got dull in solidifying frosty water. I unquestionably put a great deal of exertion in.’

He and Morag, a physiotherapist, have been as one for three years and are currently situated to settle a date for their wedding.

3 article-2082563-0F57D1E700000578-983_468x348Dedicated: John Greenwood overcame frosty waters and face smacking winds
for six months to gather enough gold for an engagement ring.
Gold masters say John must have the Midas touch,
after he gathered 34 grams in a couple of months
4 article-2082563-0F57D1CB00000578-156_468x347Too Much Gold: John gathered so much gold that there will be
bounty left over to make the couple’s wedding groups.

Gold masters say John must have the Midas touch, after he gathered 34 grams – which could be worth up to £12,000 – in simply a couple of months.
They say devoted gold panners can use a lifetime searching for gold and never get that much.
‘Everybody says I must have beginner’s luck. I’ve always been interested in the idea of gold panning but I never actually did it until 18 months ago,,’ said John.
‘I started in September and by December I had 34 grams, which is a huge amount.
‘Some days I’d be camping next to the river and I’d start as soon as the sun was up and
carry on for 14 or 15 hours a day.’
He utilized a simple gold pan, trowel, scoop and rake to gather pieces, dust and tiny nuggets.

a 1412061716833_wps_1_FROM_JOHN_JEFFAY_AT_CASCAJohn and Morag in the wake of having traded their unique rings at their Antigua wedding.
b 1412062151100_wps_7_FROM_JOHN_JEFFAY_AT_CASCAAltogether, John used in excess of a year and a half meticulously
prospecting specks of gold in the slopes.
He utilized a straightforward gold pan, trowel, scoop and rake
to gather pieces, chips and modest bits.

Mr. Greenwood and Morag Shearer got married when the explosives professional slipped a delightfully created band on his fiancee’s finger, and she put a matching ring on his.

The man with the Midas touch (also an uncommon sentimental streak) thought once more on his time knee-profound in the upper scopes of Good country streams and announced: ‘I put a ton of exertion into it . . . anyway it was worth the trouble.’

Mr. Greenwood needed to pop the inquiry with an extraordinary ring. Not for him, in any case, the tightwad trap of sawing off a bit of copper pipe, or popping to Argos.

Amid three months from September 2011, furnished with simply a trowel, scoop, rake and container, he quietly tried for gold – and developed a victory!

c 1412062532817_wps_9_FROM_JOHN_JEFFAY_AT_CASCAJohn required to gather much more gold than was utilized as a part of the completed the process of ring
to permit the gem specialist to soften and cast it.n needed to
collect far more gold than was used in the finished ring,
to allow the jeweler to melt and cast it.
d 1412062526934_wps_8_FROM_JOHN_JEFFAY_AT_CASCAJohn just paid £500 for a diamond setter to cast the
gathered gold into the custom designed rings
e 1412063237073_wps_15_FROM_JOHN_JEFFAY_AT_CASCAThe minute little separate specks of dusty gold John had
gathered must be melted at high temperatures
together before being cast into rings.
f 1412063046327_Image_galleryImage_FROM_JOHN_JEFFAY_AT_CASCAHis Scottish Gold has an purity of, give or take, 22+ carats and an altogether more
noteworthy quality than the gold business sector worth on account of its irregularity.


Special Moment Caught On Camera
Morag wearing both her wedding and
engagement rings with John in his wedding band.



There IS gold in them there hills –lucky miners have been procuring its rewards for a considerable length of time.
The 1st known disclosure was made in 1239. In 1818, a solitary extensive piece found in Sutherland was made into a ring, still claimed by the neighborhood Duke’s family.

Today some occasion firms offer prospecting occasions, however few strike it rich. A pro site shows pieces totaling 200G – the aftereffect of five years’ panning.

On the other hand, Scottish gold is extremely unadulterated, no less than 22 carats.
Completely unadulterated gold is appraised 24-carat. In this structure, it is delicate, so most great quality adornments is produced using harder 18-carat gold.

Normal 22-carat gold is esteemed at £20 to £22 for every gram at current costs – making the pieces and chunks Mr Greenwood discovered worth well over £2,000.

Not the greater part of his pull went into the rings themselves. A certain measure of overabundance crude material was required so gem specialist Mr. Logan could cast them effectively.

h 1412063340620_wps_16_FROM_JOHN_JEFFAY_AT_CASCAThe pair traded rings in a fantasy wedding
on the heavenly island of Antigua, in the West Indies.
I 1412063358585_wps_17_FROM_JOHN_JEFFAY_AT_CASCAThe couple married in Antigua on
Thursday, September 25 2014
with a little gathering of close friends and relatives.

Photograph Credit:

~AneurisM ☠

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