What Cops Found In This Abandoned Railroad Tunnel In Unbelievable. They Never Expected This At All.

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Amazing, Lists
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Recently in North Wales, police were tipped off about a completely legal mushroom farm.
They arrived to the location which were old abandoned railway tunnels.

They were aware that this was a legal operation housing a legal mushroom farm.
What they were called about had nothing to do with the mushrooms.

Police raided the railway tunnels and found steel doors,
a secret entrance and gates which lead to something very serious.

1- cannabis-1Here is the entrance of the mushroom farm.

cannabis-2They found 5 secret growing rooms, one of which contained a
street value of over $373,000 dollars worth of marijuana.
The combined value of all five rooms equals to be over $3,315,000 dollars!


During the drug bust, Four men were taken into custody, all of which plead guilty.

cannabiss-3Retired builder and great grandfather
Gerald Davies, 63,
was the oldest captured.


cannabiss-4John Vincent, 59,
a building designer admitted to conspiring to
distribute the marijuana and assisted in growing the illegal substance.

cannabiss-5Phillip Bigley, 22,
was a gardener in the tunnels and was also arrested.

cannabiss-6His friend Christopher McIntyre, 30,
was also a gardener in the tunnels.

The two distributors pictured above have been sentenced to 3

years and 4 months of prison and the two gardeners will receive

12 months for their crimes.



cannabiss-7The abandoned railway tunnels served as a
perfect secret place with perfect conditions to
grow the class B drug in North Wales.


cannabiss-8Authorities found a secret entrance leading to one of the huge grow rooms.


cannabiss-9Another room housed pounds and pounds
of clipped marijuana hanging to dry. Once dry, it is dispersed to dealers.



The people that were caught, arrested, and charged are not the people behind the operation. They never found the ones responsible for funding the drug operation.
They were simply employees of a legitimate mushroom business as well as the illegal marijuana grow operation.

Authorities found 1,207 plants in various stages of growth in the 5 grow rooms.
They also found 4 large irrigation rooms and a substation that powered the operation.
Roads were rebuilt for use and huge steel doors installed. This was no small venture. Police say that this was one of the best designed and constructed drug operations they have ever come across.

Source: http://www.sliptalk.com


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