Unnecessary Explosions!

Posted: September 8, 2014 in Funny Pictures, Jokes, Lists
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WOW! Where did these explosions come from! AMAZING!

Spontaneous Combustion? LOL Glad nobody got hurt!

01 tumblr_nbdxsn2FOF1qewacoo6_01400 09 tumblr_nbdxsn2FOF1qewacoo10_r4_400 08 tumblr_nbdxsn2FOF1qewacoo2_400 07 tumblr_nbdxsn2FOF1qewacoo7_400 06 tumblr_nbdxsn2FOF1qewacoo1_400 05 tumblr_nbdxsn2FOF1qewacoo8_400 04 tumblr_nbdxsn2FOF1qewacoo4_400 03 tumblr_nbdxsn2FOF1qewacoo5_400 02 tumblr_nbdxsn2FOF1qewacoo3_400

Source: Cats Who Forgot How to Cat

Source: http://www.reddit.com


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