These Are Quite Possibly 15 Of The Dumbest Questions You’ll Read Today

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Amazing, Funny Pictures

I have no doubt these are real. Most ppeople are idiots LMAO!

a-dumb-question a-woman-taking-a-dna-test a-woman-taking-a-dna-test-50x50 how-big-is-the-hulks-dick how-big-is-the-pacific-ocean how-did-beyonces-album-go-number-1 how-did-people-know-what-roads-to-take how-far-of-a-drive-is-it I-dont-know-how-I-feel-about-this quarter-to-four the-nfl the-rock what-are-vowels what-is-obamas-last-name what-percent-of-celery-is-water what-state-is-toranto-inSource:


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