Pet Rats Posing With Teddy Bears is Way Cuter Than You Might Think… (23 Pics)

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Amazing, Funny Pictures, Jokes, Lists
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These photos from Jessica Florence and Ellen van Deelen might make you rethink the way you feel about rats. Surprisingly adorable!!

Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-1 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-2 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-3 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-4 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-5 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-6 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-7 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-8 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-9 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-10 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-11 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-12 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-13 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-14 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-16 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-17 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-18 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-19 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-20 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-21 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-22 Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-23



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